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Our Mission 

As fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes ourselves, we are driven towards one true mission: Driving improvement in health (mental & physical), fitness, and sporting performance while mitigating and managing injuries. Our approach towards this mission is holistic; we connect the dots, combine various elements - Nutrition, Lifestyle & Training, and use historical data.

We realize that there is increased importance for holistic development, as none of our competitors use the element of "holistic development." Our approach gives us a unique edge over our competitors, allowing us to provide better services directed towards betterment and progress.

Our team comprises professional athletes with experience and qualifications in sports training, each individual having a unique focus, and a physiotherapist. We perform our tests in one of the biggest laboratories based in Chandigarh with the backing of an experienced doctor.

At PerformEvo, our team has an exciting history in sport, rehabilitation, and education. Our team leader, Udbhav, had a near-fatal training accident that caused a broken rib cartilage and a series of biomechanics problems. Having experienced the pain and agony of chronic injuries firsthand, we established a firm element of injury prevention, biomechanics perfection, and strategic strengthening & range of motion development.

Our head coach, Ravi, has over 9 years of experience in the sport of cycling, ranging from Ultra-cycling and Cross Country XC to the fast-paced Road Individual Time Trial; all at the National level. With this experience comes a volume of knowledge backed by his qualification in Sport Science from Manipal University.

Our head physiotherapist, Yogesh, boasts an impressive array of educational accomplishments. He first obtained his bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and subsequently gained valuable experience working at Safdarjung Hospital. Having a keen interest in sports, he is currently actively pursuing a master's degree in sports science at Manipal University, further enriching his knowledge and skills in the domain.

Our team


Sports Scientist, B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science 

Meet Ravi, an accomplished athlete with 7 years of experience in mountain biking and road cycling. As a national-level cyclist and state champion, he expertly combines the latest scientific research with our training and nutrition plans. Ravi's passion and expertise make him the ideal head coach to inspire and guide you towards unlocking your full potential. 


  • Cycling expert, Training optimisation & Periodisation 

  • Nutrition, Sport specific strength, Injury Prevention Lifestyle coach


B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science - Manipal University

Udbhav - gENERALIST/advisor

Sports Generalist

A national medalist in ITT and a multiple state track and road cycling champion, Udbhav boasts over 8 years of experience competing at the highest level in the sport. With a diverse background in cycling and a history of mentoring numerous athletes who represent India, Udbhav excels as an expert generalist. He skilfully merges science with practice, with a more human touch. Udbhav is also a cycling equipment expert, providing top Indian athletes with gear and advice. Athletes using his equipment and guidance have secured over 25 national medals and numerous accolades at Asian level competitions.

Additionally, Udbhav continues to compete at the national level and is gearing up for upcoming Asian level competitions. LinkedIn:


  • Cross Discipline Integration & Holistic Development

  • Cycling Expert, Competition Conditioning 

  • Equipment expert - Cycling

  • SRS development and recovery


Science of Exercise - University of Colorado (Online course)

Specialisation: Leading people & team - University of Michigan (online course)

MMM- Mannheim Master in Management candidate- Universität Mannheim 

Yogesh bhat 

Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Msc Sport Science 

With over 4 years of experience under his belt, Yogesh has a diverse experience from a variety of cases. 


  • Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

  • Training - Strength & Function

  • Biomechanics Expert - Analysis and Correction 


Bachelor of Physiotherapy - Delhi University 

Msc Sport Science - Manipal University (Pursuing) 


Sports Scientist, B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science 



  • Strength expert - Powerlifting

  • Injury Prevention & Form development 


B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science - Manipal University

Skanda Janardhan - RUNNING COACH

Sports Scientist, B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science 

Transitioning from football to track and field, Skanda has excelled as a national semi-finalist in the 100m and 200m events and boasts three Inter-University Championship titles and records. Witnessing many of his national-level competitors succumb to burnout and overtraining, Skanda is committed to implementing scientifically supported techniques, comprehensive testing, and biomechanical adjustments for athletes of all levels, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in the sport.. 


  • Running Expert 

  • Strength with speed & Explosive power 


B.Sc. Exercise & Sports Science - Manipal University

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