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  • Daily Performance

    Every month
    Perfect for fitness enthusiasts
    Valid for 3 months
    • Complete Nutrition Guidance
    • Personalised Training Plans
    • Lifestyle Perfection
    • Follow up calls twice a week
    • Access to PRO blog

    For maximal perfection & performance
    Valid for one month
    • Complete Nutrition Guidance + Perfection
    • Optimised Training Plans
    • Lifestyle perfection
    • Unlimited follow up calls
    • Creation of database*
    • Free additional services**

    For people effected by Slipping Rib Syndrome
    Valid for one month
    • Evaluation***
    • Custom strengthening plan
    • Nutritional & Lifestyle support
    • 2 Follow up calls per week
  • Maximal Perfection

    For maximal perfection and highest attention to detail
    Valid for one month
    • Personalised & Targeted Nutrition
    • Optimised Training Plans
    • Thorough biomechanics assessment/analysis
    • Strengthening & Correction via Biomechanics assessment
    • Realtime/Unlimited Feedback and Followups
    • Creation of Database
  • Nutrition Excellence

    Valid for one month
    • Nutritional support- sport context

Recommended things to buy before getting a plan:  

*Creation of Database: All training, testing and nutrition data + feedback would be recorded and maintained for long term tracking and analysis of trends, correlations would be identified and changes would be made for continual and maximal improvement.

**Free additional services include 1) Bikefit/Gait analysis 2) Form check (strength training) 3) Video biomechanics assessment 2 times a month

***Evaluation SRS: A thorough analysis of Imbalances and the current symptoms, biomechanics assessment; a complete thorough screening.


For any queries or doubts regarding the plans you may call us or send us an email, we reply within 24 hours

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